Redefining a Campus Institution

Innovative Services


Books Fly Free pulls together several innovative ideas: renting books, having the books delivered directly to students and charging books to student accounts. A textbook fee, which is the same amount for all students regardless of their areas of study, becomes a part of the total fees that students pay at the beginning of each semester. We pay a management fee to the university. In addition to the convenience, there are significant savings for students by merging several individual ideas into this newest Tree of Life program.


Textbook Butler is designed to eliminate long lines outside the campus bookstore. We automatically pull the student’s schedule, fill the order with new, used or rental textbooks and deliver the course materials to a campus residence or a home address. Students and parents tell us they appreciate this convenient and dependable service.


eBooks are textbooks with enhanced functionality that are available in digital format. eBooks are purchased through your campus bookstore and delivered electronically to students’ computers via our site. Students save money with the low prices and gain functionality with the enhanced features ebooks offer. They have the ability to search the entire text for a word or phrase, add comments, create their own bookmarks, and print on demand all from their personal computer or laptop. eBooks can be read on supported mobile devices such as Android mobile devices, iPhones and iPads. eBooks allow institutions to jump to a higher level of learning.

Textbook Rental

Tree of Life has been renting textbooks for almost a decade. Here are the advantages: Faculty do not have to commit to long-term use of a book and students have full use of the textbook – including writing in the book and highlighting.Textbooks are discounted 45 to 90 percent with the rental model. And students still have the option to buy the book at the end of a term.

Student Charging

Allowing students to charge their textbooks and other bookstore purchases to their student account is an effective way to combat online competition. Our point-of-sale system allows the campus business office to post charges immediately or in batches at the end of the business day. Our reporting system makes it a popular service for both students and the business office.

Computer POS and Website Marketplace

Much of our business has shifted online, thanks to technology. Without the proper tools, it is becoming increasingly difficult for bookstores to remain competitive. The tools we provide include POS solutions, website marketplace and, most important, technical support and training. Our experienced coaching staff is prepared to train and equip your bookstore team to keep ahead of the online competition.

Textbook Buyback 2.0

This service provides another revenue stream for the campus bookstore. Textbooks that are no longer used can now be sold through our online co-op instead of sourcing them to used wholesale companies. We warehouse and list your books on all of the major online retail sites. Then we fill the orders, handle customer service inquiries – and you receive the profit. Our partner schools using this service have seen their textbook commissions increase dramatically.

Quality Christian Merchandise

The campus bookstore plays a key role in marketing the institution. Because we operate several college bookstores, we have the buying power and selection usually associated with large state universities. We are professionals at giving campus bookstores a makeover with name-brand merchandise and the latest fixtures. We can beat our competitors on pricing by offering frequent sales and discounts for students, faculty and staff. As a Christian company, we focus exclusively on offering only merchandise that complements the mission of the institution.