Giving Back

Tree of Life runs various promotions at our campus stores that tie in with charitable efforts. Hundreds of hooded sweatshirts have been donated to local organizations through our “Hoodies for the Homeless” promotion, and hundreds of moringa trees planted through Trees For Life International.

If you would like to be a part of this, please choose and fill out a form and we will be in contact.

In addition to these in-store promotions, Tree of Life regularly supports the following local organizations:

Books For Africa

Books For Africa is creating a culture of literacy throughout Africa. It is an organization dedicated to ending the African book famine with regular shipments of physical printed material, computers, e-readers, and even new law and human rights libraries. Since 1988, BFA has shipped over 36 million books to 49 different countries through the efforts of various publishers, schools, libraries, organizations, and individuals.

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Claim Your Campus

Claim Your Campus equips students to meet for prayer at their school on a regular basis throughout the school year. The goal of CYC is that students would take time every day to pray for Godly change on every high school and middle school campus in America. It is not about a certain group, denomination, church, or culture, but a pursuit to unite Christian students from all backgrounds in praying for their schools.

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The Global Orphan Project

The Global Orphan Project (GO Project) is a grass-roots, local-church-owned movement of social justice seekers committed to orphan care and prevention both internationally and domestically. The GO Project also empowers those aging out of orphan care through job creation, a living wage, a dignified work environment, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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Grant County Rescue Mission

The Grant County Rescue Mission works to address some of the underlying problems of homelessness, such as substance abuse, incomplete education, and inadequate skills. The GCRM, along with Open Heart Women's Shelter, is the only homeless shelter for men, women and children. Currently the shelter is serving approximately 75,000 free meals a year. Their kitchen is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year and provides meals to men, women, and children in Grant County.

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Grant County Sheriff Chaplaincy Program

The Grant County Sheriff Chaplaincy Program directly impacts inmates with the good news of the Gospel. Inmates are given access to Biblical counsel with chaplains who have a heart for shedding light on life’s darkest places. The GCSCP builds Godly relationships with those imprisoned to bring spiritual liberty behind physical bars.

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Never the Same Camp

Never The Same Camp (NTS Camp) is a strategic partnership with the local church to see transformation in the lives of students, preparation for youth ministries, and connection that unifies youth ministries with their churches. NTS Camp creates an environment to connect students to God by plugging them into a support system from their local church and, on an individual level, with an adult small group leader from their youth ministry.

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Okipe is a cooperative effort to develop and implement a long-term strategic plan for the security and advancement of the “The Jesus Home for Children of La Gonave,” La Gonave is a Haitian island where “the least of these” are sent from the mainland – criminals, the sick, the elderly, etc. By the efforts of people with God’s heart for the orphaned and impoverished, Okipe is quickly transforming La Gonave into a hub for Christ’s hope.

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Pregnancy Help Center

The Pregnancy Help Center is a non-profit organization that serves women (and men) who are trying to navigate the process of pregnancy, whether planned or unplanned. The center provides reliable and confidential information regarding abortion & alternatives, sexually transmitted infections, post-abortion trauma, free pregnancy tests, Medicaid-accepted proof of pregnancy, and material assistance through their parenting program.

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St. Martin Community Center

The St. Martin Community Center is nurturing their community by decreasing the effects of poverty, mostly by feeding the poor of Grant County. Daily meals and SMCC’s food pantry help satisfy the basic needs of the needy. As basic needs are met, the local network of Health and Human Services agencies help the poor build the skills necessary to climb out of poverty.

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Whites Residential & Family Services

White’s Residential and Family Services is committed to helping children in need obtain a quality education, grow in their spiritual development, and gain valuable work experience. Their organization provides hope for children, teens and families in need of direction, and offers services that challenge them to live lives of character, stability, and service to others. With seven offices around the state, White’s has grown from its founding in 1850 to become one of Indiana’s largest non-profit social services agencies.

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