Buyback FAQs


How do I sell books?

  • Enter, one at a time, the ISBN’s of the books that you want to sell.
  • Fill out your address information and complete your order.
  • Pack your books securely with the provided packing slip, apply the provided shipping label, and drop off your package at any USPS location.
  • After we receive your books, we will process your books and mail you a check.

What books do you purchase?

We purchase new and used books in good or better condition (see below). We create our list based on national market conditions and demand for the book. This guide is updated each month.

Can I sell any book? What condition to they have to be in?

We resell books, so we can only purchase books that other students would want to use. We don’t buy books that have any of these problems:

  • Book with liquid damage, staining, or mold,
  • Books that have any pages missing,
  • Books with a broken spine or loose pages,
  • Instructor’s, international, or examination editions,
  • Counterfeit or stolen books,
  • Books missing more than 25% of the cover,
  • Books with excessive highlighting or writing, which means more than 5 pages writing in the end of chapter exercises, or markings in more than 75% of pages,
  • Workbooks that have more than 5 pages of writing,
  • Or books missing a necessary component (CD, etc) that is mentioned in the title of description
  • It is unlawful to sell counterfeit books. Tree of Life is taking steps to stop the proliferation of counterfeit books and identify counterfeiters. You can be liable to Tree of Life and to the book publisher for counterfeiting and copyright infringement, among other claims, if the books that you sell to Tree of Life are counterfeit even if you are not aware that your book is counterfeit.
  • You may only sell books to Tree of Life using one account and one email address. Registering multiple accounts or using multiple email addresses, or any other attempt to circumvent BuyBack program policies, may result in immediate termination of all accounts, a permanent supplier ban, and investigation of selling practices for evidence of counterfeiting.
  • If Tree of Life is audited or investigated and any book you sold to us is called into question, we reserve the right to share your relevant and personally identifiable information with the book publishers, their lawyers, and relevant authorities.

If we discover that any book sold to us is suspected or confirmed to be counterfeit, or otherwise meets the above listed conditions, you hereby surrender it. We will either destroy the book or transfer it to the publisher and will not pay you for the book or return it to you.

How do you determine the price you will pay me for my book?

Our pricing is based upon national market conditions and demand for the book. This guide is updated each month.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

No, we provide a shipping label for you! Once you complete the checkout process, securely pack the books you are selling into a single shipment and print off a prepaid shipping label. We partner with the USPS to provide a trackable label. These labels can be dropped off at any USPS location. (Note: These labels do not provide any insurance coverage for your package. If you would like coverage, you must purchase it separately at the post office).

What if I can’t get my labels to print?

Feel free to contact us by clicking the Ask a Question button above. We’d be happy to email you a .pdf version of any label if you are having trouble.

What if my book is not currently being purchased?

We create our pricing based on national market conditions and demand for the book. Some titles are oversaturated in the market or are too old for us to buy. We may not currently be buying your book, but check back because we adjust our prices each month.

Is there a time limit on shipping the book(s)?

You need to ship the books to us within five days in order to guarantee your quoted price. If you wait longer, we may adjust the price according to the current guide.

How long does it take to process my order?

Your package will arrive in our warehouse in 2-9 business days. When we receive it, we will process the package and send a check that will arrive in about 7-14 days. The whole process will take between 2-4 weeks.

How will I get my money?

Once we receive your books, we will send a check directly to the address you provide.

What kind of package do I have to use to ship the books?

You may use any sort of regular envelope or box that is able to be mailed. Do not use any special grade packaging (such as a “Flat Rate” box) as the label provided does not work with this packaging, and your books may not be delivered.

How can I ensure that my package arrives in good condition?

Pack your books tightly. Make sure there is plenty of padding and that the box you use is full and taped well. We are happy to pay to ship your books, but we cannot be held responsible if the books are lost or damaged in transit. Please make sure that they are packaged securely to arrive in the condition you sent them.

What if my shipment is damaged or lost in the mail?

Although this doesn’t happen often, occasionally packages are damaged in transit or don’t arrive at our facility. Tree of Life is not responsible for packages not delivered to us or damaged in transit. The provided shipping label does not include insurance. If you would like to insure your parcel, you must purchase that coverage separately at your local post office before shipping.

What if I have more than one book?

You can add more items to an order by entering another ISBN into the search box or by changing the quantity field of an already added book. Please package your books together in the same package to ship to us. Please note, each shipping label can only be used for one box, so do not use the same label for more than one package.